Hello, my name’s Anne Thomson and I am a supervisor of practising and trainee counsellors. My 20-year counselling career has involved working for agencies, in private practice and lecturing in counselling in further and higher education. So when I qualified as a supervisor nearly 10 years ago, I was able to share the unusual breadth and depth of my counselling experience and knowledge for the benefit of fellow and aspiring counsellors. I find the supervisee/supervisor relationship deeply satisfying.

What is supervision?

It is a contracted arrangement for counsellors and psychotherapists to discuss their practice on a regular basis with an experienced colleague. It is the primary process wherein therapists develop ethical and practical competence, grow in confidence and confront issues and barriers which may be preventing them from giving the best service to their clients. 

For me, good supervision demands openness and engagement on the part of the supervisee and the supervisor, and is the touchstone of safe, reliable and creative practice. So, whilst observing the necessary formalities of the relationship, my aim is always to provide a warm and supportive relationship within which a therapist can reflect on their work in a context that is both accepting and challenging.

This is what some of my supervisees say: 

I work with Anne because I trust her commitment to me and my clients. I always leave supervision thinking that I have learned something about myself and my practice

I am an integrative counsellor, and although Anne is a person-centred practitioner, she always challenges my approach with each client from my point of view. She respects my way of working and I know I can always be myself with her.

As a novice counsellor, supervision is not only ethically necessary, it’s a vital part of my learning. In the safe, warm and occasionally challenging place she provides, Anne has helped me grow both as a person and a practitioner.

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Getting started

Choosing a supervisor who’s right for you can seem like a leap into the unknown. We make this easier with a free 15-minute initial telephone consultation – ask anything you need to know about supervision, my approach and how it might help you in your practice. To organise this, email or call 0779976182.


Supervision is £50.00 for one hour.