Kind and compassionate counselling services that change lives

No-one gets through life unscathed. It’s normal to face difficulties and dilemmas that leave you feeling distressed, overwhelmed or stuck. But you’re not on your own. We’re here to help you work through your difficulties with warm and insightful counselling services for individuals or couples. 

How counselling can help...

Overcome your depression

Do you feel sad and low most of the time? Does your life seem pointless and hopeless? Are you usually too tired to connect with people and do the things you used to enjoy?

Work through your grief or loss

Are your feelings of loss still raw, do you feel abandoned and alone, angry or sad? While those around you expect you to ‘move on’, are you struggling to work out how to live without your loved one?

Heal your trauma

Do you have flashbacks and nightmares about the terrible thing that happened to you? Do you often feel jumpy and irritable? Are you finding it difficult to concentrate and seem to get angry easily? Are you pushing away the people who care about you?

Reduce your stress

Struggling with an over-busy life, juggling work, home, kids, partner? Do you find yourself unable to sleep even though you feel exhausted? Do you find it difficult to say ‘no’

Make the right choice for you

Finding it difficult to resolve a dilemma and wondering which way to turn? Do you find yourself pulled in different directions, trying to please everyone? 

Improve your relationships

At odds with someone close to you or someone you work with? Do you find it hard to express your needs without blaming your partner or someone close to you?

Comprehensive counselling services for Wolverhampton and South Staffs

We believe that counselling changes lives, helping people to deal with  distressing experiences, difficulties or dilemmas.

Our services provide kind and empathic counselling for individuals and couples, experienced supervision for trainee and practising counsellors and mental health first aid training and consultancy for local employers.

To keep our clients safe during the Covid-19 crisis, we are now offering counselling via video link - Zoom - or telephone. For a free initial counselling appointment, email or call 07799761825

Click the link below to get your free copy of our handy guide, ‘Is Therapy Right for Me?’

Our Services

Individual Counselling

Our individual counselling ensures you are listened to with warmth, kindness and a non-judgemental ear.


Our supervision provides a supportive relationship where trainee or practising counsellors can reflect on their work and practise safely, reliably and creatively.

Mental Health First Aid Training and Consultancy

Our tailored training and consultancy services enable employers to nurture employee wellbeing in a way that impacts positively on both people and business.

How counselling changed our lives